A Circle of Life

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This was our premier event for our Autumn 2013 season, and was a milestone in the choir's journey. We went on a journey through life, told in music, pictures and animation. Around 120 voices were raised in song, telling the unique story of our lives.

This theatrical show traveled along the journey of a life, from beginning to end, and illustrated it with music ranging from ABBA to Alice Cooper, from Neil Diamond to Pink Floyd. The whole experience was made more personal to BeVox by the inclusion of hundreds of images from the choir members' lives - baby photos, wedding photos, pictures of loved ones who are no longer with us - the whole spectrum of life was represented. The visuals didn't stop there, as we had custom-crafted CGI animations bringing added vibrancy to certain songs. There was also an exhibition in the foyer, telling the unique story of our singers' lives through a giant photo montage. The whole show was an incredible experience, unlike anything any of us had experienced before!

We presented this landmark event at Building 21, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Road, S74 8HJ, on Saturday 7th December 2013. The evening performance culminated with a very special moment, with our musical director Tim proposing to our co-director Toni, in a memorable surprise that the whole choir had kept secret for the months leading up to the event. You can watch Tim's proposal on YouTube here: .

Photos from the concert are available on our Flickr page - follow this link. The DVD is available to buy directly from us - if you'd like a copy, contact us.