BeVox Evolution

BeVox Evolution is an initiative designed to help improve the musical standards of BeVox, by offering additional training to those who want it and are ready for it. The aim is three-fold:

There is an annual workshop in which BeVox singers can join Evolution. This workshop gives a taster of what Evolution is all about, so singers can decide whether it is right for them. It also gives us the opportunity to make sure that people joining Evolution are ready to work at the more intense, focussed level required.

After this workshop, there are monthly Evolution sessions, held at the weekend, at a central location (no more than an hour's drive from each of our three areas). In order to fully benefit from the additional training these sessions offer, Evolution singers should attend the majority of them each year.

What we are looking for

What we're offering

Work on a variety of skills to help you take your choir singing to the next level. These include:

After a period of time working on these skills, you will be able to anticipate what will be needed when working on a song, and deliver a strong, confident, musically-secure performance without needing to be told how to do so.

What we expect from you

What you can expect from us in an Evolution session