BeVox's general principles

We don't like the idea of having lots of rules, so instead we have a set of general principles. Anything that fits within these principles is fine, and things that go against them aren't. If in doubt - ask!

Have fun!

This is at the heart of everything we do. We want being a part of BeVox to be fun. If it isn't, either because of something we're doing or because of something someone else is doing, let us know.

We are a community

This means we expect people to treat each other, and us, with respect, as equals, and as they would wish to be treated themselves. We expect a level of friendliness, a welcoming of others, and a supportive atmosphere. BeVox is not a community where cliques or divas are welcome.

We are not a democracy

We aren't run by committee or by the people with the loudest voices. We listen carefully and considerately to all suggestions and feedback, from anyone within the choir, at any time. We then make a decision on what we will do, which we believe will be in the best interests of the choir as a whole. This gives everyone a voice, but keeps the responsibility for our successes and failures in our hands.

We don't run BeVox in order to get rich, but we do run it as a business, and everything we do has to make financial sense as well as being for the good of the community as a whole.

Take the initiative

If there is a venue you'd like us to perform at, get the details and discuss it with us – we'll run with your idea and make it happen. Send us suggestions for songs you'd like to sing, events you'd like to be a part of, fun things we can do together – if you have an idea, share it with us and we'll work with you to make it happen.

We are primarily here to sing together

There are lots of things other than singing that come from being part of a choir, all of which are incredibly valuable to us. The friendships that people make, the confidence they can gain, and the fun experiences we can have together are really important. What truly unites us is a love of singing, and we must focus on that when it's time to do so.

Everyone is different

We are a community and have common standards which we expect everyone to uphold. However, we do also recognise that everyone is different and has different circumstances. Therefore, exceptions to general rules will be made for individual circumstances – providing these exceptions have been agreed with us in advance. We may apply different rules for different people, depending on what we've agreed with them.

Take responsibility for your own involvement

We believe people achieve their best, and get the most satisfaction, when they are responsible for their own involvement and achievements. So, we won't patronise people by organising every last detail of their BeVox activities for them – we'll provide the necessary information and tools, and let people sort themselves out. If we're asked to do more, we will – but only if someone takes the initiative and asks!

We will honour our commitments - we expect you to honour yours

If you make a commitment to be at an event, or to make a payment, we will make our plans based on those commitments. We appreciate that unexpected and unavoidable events will sometimes occur, and we will always be flexible in these circumstances once you've let us know. We do expect your commitments to us to be a priority for you, and we don't expect people to pull out of events for trivial reasons. We will always make it very clear whenever any event has a cost associated with it, and we will include a date by which payment must be made. We expect people to honour these commitments, as we will honour the commitments we make to our community.

We will deal sensitively with problems if they occur

If a member of the community behaves in a way that doesn't fit these principles, we'll speak to them privately about it. In the unlikely event of someone continually failing to uphold our community principles, we will put the best interests of the community at heart and ask them to leave. Please note that no-one will ever be asked to leave due to the quality of their singing, under any circumstances.

Singer Agreement

There are a small number of rules that we have to get your agreement to, for legal reasons. These are found in our Singer Agreement - you can download a copy here.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy, which outlines how we use your personal information, is found here.