Watching and listening to the choir

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We have recorded six different albums, covering a wide variety of music. Some have been recorded "studio-style" in some fascinating locations, and others were produced during the Covid lockdowns, with singers recording themselves at home. All of them showcase the great singing at the heart of BeVox, and the inclusive nature of what we do.


Live performances

Music is a performing art, and we love to share our music with the public. Over the years, we have done events of all kinds, including large-scale formal concerts, intimate events in care homes, performances in unusual venues, charity fund-raising events, and flash mobs. 

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There are lots of videos of the choir performing on YouTube. These include professionally-filmed excerpts from our concert DVDs, amateur footage from audience members, and even a collection of "virtual choir" videos, featuring a digital concert hall that we built for the choir to sing in during the Covid pandemic. 

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