We want to sing for you

We regularly perform for community events, fund-raisers, and as guest artists. We've helped to raise over £60,000 for local and national charities with our performances, and we'd be happy to consider any event. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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We have a Performance Enquiry Pack which details everything you need to know to complete a booking - contact us to request one.
Below are the key details.


We charge a sliding scale of fees, depending on the nature of the event. For private community events (such as singing in a retirement home), the fee can be as low as £60. Public concerts cost £300, but we offer a 50% discount to registered charities. Contact us for a quote.


There are three points within the year that we perform - late March/early April, July, and late November/December. We're unlikely to be able to accept bookings for events at other times of the year. We're often booked up well in advance. We recommend booking at least 4 months prior to your event - longer for Christmas events. We can normally take bookings up to 12 months in advance.


We bring a minimum of 25 singers, and we limit the maximum number based on the size of your venue. We have over 300 singers regularly singing with us, so we can cater for larger events if necessary.


We have a different repertoire every season, and our events in each season will use broadly the same songs. We generally sing pop, rock, and musical theatre. For details of which songs will be available during which seasons, see our Song List.