Dress code

In order to give a cohesive group appearance, we have a dress code for all our public performances. We ask that everyone co-operates with our dress code, so that we all look good when singing together. The important things about our dress code are that we are dressed appropriately, that we're comfortable, and that we all look like we're "on the same team".

Occasionally, for flash mobs or events where other considerations override the need for us to look consistent, we won't have a dress code at all - this will be clearly indicated when we announce a performance.

The look

In its simplest terms, our dress code can be reduced to "any combination of black and/or blue". This means you can wear all black, all blue, or a combination of black and blue. There are no restrictions on the type of clothing you wear, but we ask people to tailor their outfits to suit the occasion - if we're singing a formal concert in an up-market venue, we'd like people to dress smartly, whereas if we're doing a rock-style concert, jeans and a T-shirt would be perfectly appropriate!

Patterns or plain? Accessories or none?

It's fine to wear items of clothing that are patterned, provided the only colours in the pattern are black and/or blue. Different shades of blue are fine (but see the note below on "What is blue?"). Patterns that include other colours, including white, are not OK. You can wear accessories such as brooches, ties, scarves, necklaces etc. if you want to, provided they are only black and/or blue. Many necklaces have significant amounts of gold or silver in them, which isn't permitted. Accessories are optional.

What isn't OK?

The dress code doesn't include colours other than blue and black, so items of clothing that have white trim, silver buckles, visible gold zips, mirrored panels or other non-blue-or-black items aren't OK. Please see the note on "What is blue?" below - this is really important. If in doubt, bring what you're planning to wear to a weekly session and get Toni or Tim to check it out - they'll give you specific guidance on anything that is borderline.

In terms of style, we don't have any exact rules, but we do have some general guidelines. We like the choir to look as professional as possible, whilst matching our look to the style of event we're doing. Think about how your outfit will look alongside everyone else in the choir, not just in isolation.

Overly sparkly items will catch the lights and reflect different colours back at the audience, so they aren't permitted.

What is blue?

It might sound like a daft question, but we don't have a specific shade of blue. However, we want to look like we're all on the same team, and to that end we specifically exclude colours that don't look definitely blue when viewed from a distance, in amongst a sea of other people wearing blue and black. You should avoid shades that could be mistaken for purple or green (including turquoise). Very light blues tend to look white or grey from a distance, so these shouldn't be worn. You can't go too far wrong with a vibrant royal blue, or a bright sky blue. Although dark blues, such as navy, can appear black from a distance, they still fit within the dress code because black is OK!

A note on footwear

Be sensible with what you wear on your feet - consider where you'll be standing, and how easily you'll be able to get into position. If we're doing an event in a field, expect to get muddy feet! If an event includes a dress or technical rehearsal on the day, please make sure you wear the same footwear for the rehearsal as the performance - it will affect how tall you are, which can be important when we're working out sight-lines.


Some events don't have a dress code. These typically include flash mobs, and some specific events (such as singing at a choir member's wedding or birthday party). 

BeVox-branded clothing

If you have BeVox-branded clothing (polo tops or hoodies) that are blue or black-and-blue, you can wear these for some performances, but not for others - it depends on how smart we want the choir to look. We'll always specify this in the "dress code" section of the event details on our members-only website, BeVox OnLine.