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New singers

BeVox is an open-access, non-auditioned community choir for adults. This means we're open to anyone aged 16 or over. It doesn't matter whether you have been singing in choirs all your life, or have never sung in a choir before - you are welcome. We welcome people of all ages (from 16 upwards), all races, all genders, all beliefs, all levels of physical ability (see our Diversity and Inclusion policy here). There is no requirement to read music (although we do provide the sheet music, as we believe it is helpful even if you don't read music). 

Our ethos is to encourage everyone to develop, so that we are constantly improving as a choir. We believe in providing the support required to enable anyone to succeed, regardless of where they are starting from. Experienced singers have as much to gain from being a part of BeVox as complete beginners. 

Areas and venues

We run in three areas - Lincoln, Nottingham and Sheffield.

All the venues we hire are fully wheelchair accessible, and have their own car parks.

For full details of our venues in each area, including addresses, maps, and how to find us within each venue, read more here.

Days, dates and times

The nights that the choir meets in each location are below:

  • Lincoln: Tuesdays

  • Nottingham: Wednesdays

  • Sheffield: Thursdays

Sessions run from 7pm to 9pm, and we encourage people to arrive from 6:30pm.

For more details, including dates for each of our seasons, read more here.


Most of our repertoire is pop, rock, musical theatre, swing, and other accessible genres. We choose the songs we sing from suggestions made by our singers, so everyone has a voice in what music we work on. We add in some of our own choices too, so that we can introduce music that might not otherwise get an airing. 

We sing in up to 6-part harmony, in arrangements that are written especially for the choir. 

For more information on the kind of music we sing, including a list of all the songs we've ever done, read more here.


Membership of the choir costs £100 per season (a season is usually 12 weekly sessions). Currently, that can be paid either up-front in one go, or in instalments throughout the season (any number of instalments). Payments can be made by bank transfer, or by posting a cheque (we have recently gone cashless, and we don't take payments in person at sessions). 

We're working on other ways to pay, and we'll update this information when we're able to launch them.

For more information about what's included for your money, read more here.

Covid safety

We have developed a set of protocols to help reduce the risk from the Covid pandemic. Whilst it is not possible to eliminate the risk entirely, we have done everything we believe we can to reduce it as far as possible. We take Covid safety extremely seriously, and it is vital that everyone reads our Covid protocols before coming for their first session with the choir. You can read more here.

Additionally, we have the facility for people to take part in choir sessions online, to support anyone who can't attend in person. This can include interactive Zoom sessions and/or video recordings of the in-person sessions.


Joining the choir

Taster sessions
In the run-up to the start of each season, we offer taster sessions so you can see if the choir is right for you. You MUST register for a taster session if you want to join the choir - you cannot simply turn up on the night. We encourage you to join with a friend, colleague or family member if you'd like - please do make sure that everyone who is coming for the taster session has registered in advance though. 

Welcome (initial online hello)
Once you've registered for a taster session, you'll have the option of joining an online meeting (on Zoom) a few days before the season starts, so you can meet our musical director, Tim, and we can explain a little more about how things work. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, and also to meet any other new singers who are joining at the same time as you. If you're not sure what voice part you sing (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), we can work this out during the Zoom call too (don't worry, you won't have to sing anything!).

If you're not able to make the Zoom call, you can still send us questions by email, but you may have to make a decision yourself about which voice part to try out in your first taster session. 

Learning materials
Before the taster session, we'll share with you the downloadable learning materials for the first two songs we'll be working on. You can then come along and be made welcome by the rest of the choir, and join in as we start working on these songs. If you decide to join in those first two weeks, we'll invoice you for the season and you'll get access to all the other learning materials. If you decide not to join after the first two weeks, there is nothing to pay. 

We are currently running a season, and don't yet have details of the taster sessions for our next season. Please check back later.