During the current pandemic, we aren't doing live performances. We have created a number of virtual choir videos, which you can watch here, and we're doing some remotely recorded albums too, which will be available from our shop when they are complete. Information below is about the kinds of performances we have done in the past, and that we hope to return to in the future. 


We do a wide variety of different performances, ranging from small-scale community events such as singing in retirement homes or hospices, through to huge multimedia extravaganzas!

All our performances are available for all of our singers to take part in, regardless of area. You can do as many or as few performances as you like each season. We list our forthcoming performances on our members-only website, BeVox OnLine, and you can sign up to sing in any of them there. If an event becomes fully booked, you can add yourself to a "reserve list", which means we'll get in touch to offer you a place if someone else has to pull out.

BeVox Rocks at The Octagon, Sheffield


We do four main types of event - big concerts, end of season concerts, external events, and special events.


We do two big concerts a year - one at the end of the Spring season (late March/early April), and one at the end of the Autumn season (late November/December). We rotate the location around our three geographical areas. We encourage as many of our singers as possible to take part in the big concerts - it's a great way of bringing people together, and they're huge fun to do! We regularly have over two hundred singers in our big concerts. Previous venues we've performed in include Nottingham's Albert Hall and Southwell Minster, Lincoln's Engine Shed and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, and Sheffield's Octagon Centre and Cathedral. We've also produced events at Wakefield Cathedral, the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, The Devonshire Dome at Buxton, and the Elsecar Heritage Centre. We've sung with rock bands and brass bands, had fantastic light shows, and live video projections and music videos as part of some of our previous big concerts.

One Night at The Albert, Albert Hall, Nottingham

Singers perform big concerts from memory, as this gives the greatest scope for connecting with our audiences. We usually include several extra songs in our big concerts - songs which we don't include in any other concerts that season. We pride ourselves on slick staging and a real sense of professionalism for these events.

About to sing in the Sheffield End of Season concert, Sheffield Springs Academy

We do end of season concerts every season, in each of our areas that isn't doing a big concert. This means we have an end of season concert in all three areas at the end of the Summer season, and in two out of our three areas at the end of the Spring and Autumn seasons (when we have a big concert in the other area). The end of season concerts are less formal than our big concerts, and we see them as a chance to share the music we've been working on for the season with our singers' friends and family. We sing our whole programme, and although many singers choose to perform from memory (which we encourage), it's not mandatory. 


We take bookings from lots of different external organisations, from local retirement homes to the National Trust. These events can be small-scale performances in the community, fund-raising concerts in local churches or halls, singing in public spaces such as shopping centres or railway stations to encourage charity donations, or guest appearances at black-tie corporate events. There's an incredible variety on offer. We do as many or few of these events as we receive bookings for - we encourage all our singers to spread the word about the choir, so that lots of different organisations are aware that we're available for bookings. We typically get more of these events in the Summer and Autumn seasons, particularly in the run-up to Christmas. 

Singing at Sheffield AmphiFest

Included in this type of event are concerts organised by singers within the choir. We encourage singers to consider producing their own concert - typically to raise funds for a cause that they are passionate about. The singer secures a venue and organises publicity (with our help and input), and we provide the concert, including all the logistical support. Several of our singers have taken this opportunity, and it has been a very rewarding experience all round.

Singers at our Summer Singing Retreat, Stubton Hall, Newark

We do at least one "special event" every year - typically at the end of the Summer season, when we don't have a big concert (although we've done a few at other times of the year too). These have included things like our Summer Singing Retreat (a week in a country mansion, with guest workshop leaders and sessions on lots of different genres and techniques), CD recordings (our first recording involved a weekend in Scarborough), flash mobs (at locations that have included Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Nottingham Railway Station, St Pancras International Arrivals Hall and outside Buckingham Palace), and "mystery tours". Each of these events is unique, and creates memories that will last a lifetime. People still regularly talk about some of these events years later, and they become milestones in our journey as a choir.

Our special events are the only ones that often involve a fee - all other events, including the big concerts, are free for our singers to take part in.