BeVox Singer Agreement

We don’t want to be bogged down with lots of rules and regulations. There are a few unavoidable things that we need to get a signed, legally-binding agreement for. Therefore, we ask all our singers to sign a "Singer Agreement", which you can read below.

Our General Principles

Rather than having lots of very specific rules, we operate under a set of General Principles. These are included on the back of this agreement, and on our website at By signing this Agreement, you agree to abide by our General Principles.

Sheet music and rehearsal tracks (the "learning materials")

  • When you sign up to take part in a season, you gain access to the learning materials for that season. This incurs the currently applicable charge for access to those learning materials.

  • Downloading the learning materials digitally incurs no further charge.

  • If you would like the sheet music printing for you, or the rehearsal tracks burning onto a CD, you can order these from BeVox OnLine. This incurs a further charge (one for the sheet music, one for the CD).

  • Physical copies must be paid for once ordered – if you order a physical copy but then no longer require it for any reason, you must still pay for it.

  • Payment of the fee for gaining access to the learning materials must be made by the end of the season that those learning materials apply to. It is possible to pay this up-front, or to make staged payments across the season. 

  • All these charges are listed on the BeVox website here.

Making copies

If you opt to receive Sheet Music and/or Rehearsal Tracks physically, you promise not to copy (or allow anyone else to copy) them for any reason. This expressly forbids you from making photocopies of the Sheet Music. You are allowed to copy the Rehearsal Tracks onto a different storage device (MP3 player, computer etc), provided this is for your own personal use. You may not share this copy with others.

If you opt to receive Sheet Music and/or Rehearsal Tracks digitally, you are authorised to make ONE physical copy by printing the Sheet Music or burning the Rehearsal Tracks to a CD. If you need to make more than one copy, you must get written permission from us beforehand. You can ask someone else to make your one authorised copy on your behalf, but they must only make the single copy that you are authorised to make. You may not share your digital copies with others.

Making unauthorised copies of the learning materials is a breach of copyright law. 


By signing this agreement, you accept that we will email you regular updates about what is happening within the choir. You can unsubscribe from receiving these emails at any time, by following the link within the email. However, if you unsubscribe, you may not find out about events that you might be interested in.

We take your privacy seriously, and will never share your email address with anyone unless compelled to by law.


We will take all reasonable care to only rehearse and perform in venues we believe to be safe. However, you take full responsibility for your own health and safety whilst you are with us. Singing can be a physically demanding activity, and it is your responsibility to ensure you can take part in any of our events safely. We will provide advice on what will be involved, but the ultimate decision on whether to take part must be yours. 

To the extent permitted by English Law, our total liability to you for each Season is limited to the fees you have paid us for that Season.