Here are a few useful links, pointing you towards other BeVox resources.

BeVox OnLine

Our members-only website, where you can sign up for seasons and/or performances, download or order your sheet music and rehearsal tracks, and manage all aspects of your BeVox account.

The BeVox blog

Tim posts occasional articles here, covering topics of interest to BeVox singers. It's also where we post any notifications of venue changes, so check here if you're in doubt about the location of a session.

Social media

We know that social media isn't for everyone, but if you do have an account, consider "Following" our page and/or our YouTube channel.

General principles

We don't have lots of rules at BeVox. Instead, we have a set of General Principles that govern everything we do. These guidelines underpin all our decisions, and embody our philosophy.

Why is it wow?

This is a blog written by Tim's mum, Gill. It looks at how we learn, and how we lead. Illustrated with examples from Gill's experience both as a BeVox singer and as an award-winning educator, this is a great resource for people who want to understand their own learning process in greater detail.

Song list

This is a page on this website that lists all the songs we've ever covered, with details of which season we sang them in (and the name of the big concert that season). When we publish the song lists for future seasons, they will be added here too.

Info for soloists

Here's some information for anyone considering singing solo within a BeVox concert. There's everything you need to know about the audition process. This can be useful for other choir members too - particularly if you're considering being on the audition panel, or if you have questions about why particular singers have been offered solos in particular concerts.


We usually do a wide variety of performances each season. All of them are open to all of our singers. You can find out more about the kinds of performances we do and what is involved by clicking on the button below.