Music made online

During the pandemic, we aren't able to put on concerts as we usually would. Instead, we've produced a number of "virtual choir" videos, and recorded albums (with all the singers recording remotely at home). Despite the challenges involved in working this way, we are immensely proud of the finished recordings - in some ways, the sound is even better than the "live" albums we've recorded previously.

"Together We Are One" - released Feb 2021 (recorded Sept-Dec 2020)

"Number Ones" - released July 2021 (recorded Jan-April 2021)

"Musicals Medleys" - due for release Dec 2021

You can hear samples of our online albums below - to purchase the complete album, please visit our online shop.

BeVox's first virtual choir: Lean On Me

We invited our singers to submit videos of themselves singing their part to our signature song, "Lean On Me". Over ninety of them did so, and we put them together to create this - our first ever virtual choir video. We hope you enjoy watching it - we are very proud of it, especially as it is the only way of singing together we have at the moment. 

Virtual Choir 2: BeVox does Broadway

Our second virtual choir project was significantly more ambitious than our first - a "mini-concert" of five of the songs we'd intended to include in our "BeVox does Broadway" concert. We were due to perform this programme in April 2020, and moved it to a virtual choir project after the success of our "Lean on me" film. It features 141 singers, and we built a virtual concert hall to perform in! If you enjoyed watching these videos, please consider making a donation to the choir using the button below.

To see more videos of us in concert, click the button below to go to our YouTube channel.


Some previous live performances filmed by audience members

A whiter shade of pale

From our "Sounds of the Sixties" concert at The Octagon, Sheffield (featuring The Magic Mushrooms as our band).

Jesus Christ Superstar medley

From our "Tonight's The Night" concert at Nottingham's Albert Hall.

You took the words right out of my mouth

From our "Rock The Engine Shed" concert at The Engine Shed, Lincoln