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About us

A contemporary choir

We are a non-auditioned contemporary choir. This means that anyone aged 18 or over is welcome to join us, regardless of experience or ability. We mainly sing music taken from suggestions made by our singers, which means everyone has a voice in what we sing. Our usual styles include pop, rock, and musical theatre, but we are happy to sing music in any genre.

BeVox choir singing inside Sheffield Winter Garden. There are around 80 singers, all dressed in black and blue, being conducted by Timothy Allen. They are surrounded by trees, although the setting is indoors - the Winter Garden is essentially a very large greenhouse.

Our history

The choir formed in September 2010, originally with branches in Wakefield, Sheffield and Nottingham. We added the Lincoln group in 2014, and closed the Nottingham group in 2023. Since the choir began, we've done all kinds of different things, from small-scale local community events through to ground-breaking multimedia, multi-sensory extravaganzas! We've sung in concert halls, train stations, retirement homes, shopping centres, cathedrals, school halls, fields, Yorkshire's largest greenhouse and a steam pumping station, amongst other places! We've helped to celebrate the weddings of several of our singers, and brought people together to create lifelong friendships.

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