Membership of the choir costs £100 for the Autumn season, and £150 for the Spring season. Membership fees can be paid either up-front in one go, or in instalments throughout the season (any number of instalments). Payments can be made by bank transfer, or by posting a cheque (we are a cashless business, and we don't take payments in person at sessions). 

What's included

  • 12 or 18 weekly sessions every season (12 in the Autumn, 18 in the Spring).

  • The option to attend sessions in any of our three areas - you can do multiple sessions in the same week if you choose, for no extra fee.

  • Ability to access sessions online (either via a live, interactive Zoom session, or a video recording of that Zoom session). These can be helpful if you can't make it in person, and can be used to supplement the in-person sessions too.

  • Downloadable sheet music and learning tracks for all songs included in that season's programme.

  • Access to our resource library, containing articles and videos that can help you develop as a singer.

  • A weekly email newsletter summarising what was covered in the week's sessions and what is coming up.

  • Option to perform in as many or as few performance events as you choose.

Optional extras

  • Printed copies of the sheet music, and/or a CD with the learning tracks on. These are available to order for £5 each, if needed. (You can print your own music, or access it on a tablet, if you prefer). 

  • Any one-off workshops we may run, which could include guest workshop leaders, or sessions on specialist topics.

  • Any additional rehearsals we may add to help prepare for big concerts.

  • Unique special events, such as mystery tours, album recordings, trips etc. 

  • Our "solo recording experience", which involves some one-to-one support from our musical director, recording your own choice of song at home, and receiving a professionally mixed version of your recording.

  • Soloist workshops - aimed at any singer who wants to sing on their own. These workshops are equally valuable for singers who have never sung solo through to experienced soloists - whatever your level, the workshops will support you as you take the next step in your development.

(All of the items that aren't included in the price are optional - you can participate fully in the choir without any of these optional extras)