Membership of the choir costs £100 per season. Currently, that can be paid either up-front in one go, or in instalments throughout the season (any number of instalments). Payments can be made by bank transfer, or by posting a cheque (we have recently gone cashless, and we don't take payments in person at sessions). 

For our special extended relaunch season, running from Feb 2022 to July, the price for existing members will be £150 (we're offering 50% more sessions this season). As a special introductory offer, anyone joining the choir for the first time in our extended relaunch season will pay the usual £100.

What's included

  • 12 weekly sessions every season (18 weeks in our extended relaunch season).

  • Ability to access sessions online (either via a live, interactive Zoom session, or a video recording of a session). This can be helpful if you can't make it in person, and can be used to supplement the in-person sessions too.

  • Downloadable sheet music and learning tracks for all songs included in that season's programme.

  • Access to our resource library, containing articles and videos that can help you develop as a singer.

  • A weekly email newsletter summarising what was covered in the week's sessions and what is coming up.

  • Option to perform in as many or as few performance events as you choose.

  • Option to audition for solo parts in performances, if applicable.

What isn't included

  • Printed copies of the sheet music, and/or a CD with the learning tracks on. These are available to order for £5 each, if needed. (You can print your own music, or access it on a tablet, if you prefer). 

  • Any one-off workshops we may run, which could include guest workshop leaders, or sessions on specialist topics.

  • Any additional rehearsals we may add to help prepare for big concerts.

  • Unique special events, such as mystery tours, album recordings, trips etc. 

  • Our "solo singing experience", which involves some one-to-one support from our musical director, recording your own choice of song at home, and receiving a professionally mixed version of your recording.

(All of the items that aren't included in the price are optional - you can participate fully in the choir without any of these optional extras)