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How it works


We run three musical seasons every year, with a fresh programme of songs each season.

  • Spring: Sessions January to March/early April, performances in April

  • Summer: Sessions late April/early May to early July, performances in July

  • Autumn: Sessions September to November, performances in late November/throughout December


Singers join the choir on an ongoing basis - once you've got a place, you keep that place unless you decide you want to leave. Membership fees are paid every month, and once you've signed up, your fees are paid automatically without you having to remember to pay them!


In every season, we run a minimum of 12 sessions - sometimes more. These are usually twelve consecutive weeks, on the same night of the week in each area (Wednesdays in Lincoln, Thursdays in Sheffield). If we add additional sessions, these can be at other times, including weekends - but all sessions are optional, so you don't need to worry if you can't make every one. Every standard and additional session we run is filmed, and these videos are available to all members of the choir to watch as part of your membership. This can be really helpful if you miss a week or two - you can catch up with the videos afterwards, and we encourage people to do so. 

Standard weekly sessions run from 7pm to 9pm. We encourage people to arrive from 6:30pm so there's chance to socialise before the session starts, or to hang around for a bit afterwards, but this is optional.

Learning resources

We provide high-quality learning resources to help you get to grips with the songs. These include learning tracks (with your voice part being sung by a professional session singer, alongside the accompaniment), and sheet music. If you don't read sheet music, don't panic - most of our singers don't. We provide it anyway, because there are useful things included in the sheet music that we'll teach you to pick up on - and it's got all the words in it too! Alongside the tracks and sheet music, we have a set of online resources to help you learn more about vocal technique, performance skills, music theory, and many other aspects of being in a choir - these are there for you to dip into as and when you'd like to.


We have a few different options for your membership, depending on whether you want to access your learning resources digitally (cheaper and better for the planet), or physically. Our current price list is available here.

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