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Join the choir

If you'd like to come along and try out being part of the choir, we offer taster sessions in the first two weeks of each season. You can book your taster using the button below. Taster sessions cost £10, and if you join the choir after your taster, we'll take that off your first monthly payment. 

Once you've had a taster session (or if you want to just leap straight in!), you can buy an ongoing membership. Details of our membership options are below. 

Joining partway through a season

If you've missed the taster sessions at the start of a season but would like to join us anyway, please get in touch so we can discuss your options. You will be able to join - we just need to chat about how that will work. 

Membership options

We have four main membership options. The only difference between them is how you receive your learning materials. All members of the choir have access to downloading their sheet music and learning tracks from our website. If you'd like us to print your sheet music for you, or put your learning tracks on a CD, you'll need to select the appropriate membership option.

Sheet music and learning tracks available to download

Printed sheet music, tracks available to download

Learning tracks on CD, sheet music available to download

Printed sheet music, learning tracks on CD (downloads still available)

For more information about what's included in each option, see our Prices page.

Joining us remotely

Additionally, if you aren't close to one of our geographical areas, you are able to join us remotely. This means that you'll have access to the same learning materials as the rest of the choir, but instead of coming to weekly sessions, you'll use the videos of our weekly sessions to practice instead. You can join us for performances in person if you choose to travel for these. If you'd like to discuss joining us remotely, please get in touch and we'll go through this in more detail.

When to join

You can join the choir at any time, although we strongly recommend joining in the first week or two of a season if possible. You'll get access to the video recordings of any sessions you've missed that season if you join later. There is no minimum time you need to have been with us in order to take part in concerts - we leave it up to each singer to decide whether they are ready to perform or not. 

If you leave the choir within the first two months of a season, there are no refunds, but there's also nothing further to pay. If you leave after your third monthly payment for a season, but before your fourth, we do ask you to make the fourth payment, as you will have accessed the whole season's sessions. If any of this is unclear, please speak to us directly - it looks more complicated when written down than it actually is!

How to join

Please book your taster session or purchase your membership using the buttons below.

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