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The music we sing is chosen from suggestions made by our singers, plus a few choices from us. This means that everyone in the choir has a voice in what music we sing. Our repertoire generally reflects the musical tastes of our singers as a result, which has tended to mean pop, rock, musical theatre and swing - but no genre is off-limits, and we'll give equal consideration to any suggestions. We particularly welcome suggestions of songs from under-represented voices. We encourage our singers to discover more about the origin of the songs we sing, and we share that information within the choir and with our audiences too.

Bohemian Rhapsody


Virtually all of our music is arranged by our choir leader, the internationally-acclaimed arranger Timothy Allen. We sing in parts - between four and six, depending on the song. Tim's arrangements vary from fairly straightforward to somewhat challenging, but always with a focus on each part having something interesting to sing. Every voice part gets their "featured moment" - the tune isn't always in the sopranos!

You're The Voice

Backing tracks

We use backing tracks for our songs, but these aren't commercial off-the-shelf tracks - each one has been crafted by Tim, specifically to fit the arrangement of the song. Our tracks are of a really high standard, using recordings of real musicians from the likes of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Using backing tracks means that every time our singers sing a song, the accompaniment will be exactly the same - right from when they first start learning it. This predictability makes it easier for us to perform consistently well, as there are no sudden surprises in the concerts!

When You Wish Upon A Star

Song list

Use the button below to see a searchable list of all the songs we've ever sung.

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