We typically sing around 10 songs in an Autumn season, and around 15 in a Spring season (when we have longer to learn them). The music we sing is chosen mainly from suggestions made by our singers. Our musical director, Tim, also chooses some songs, with the aim of introducing music that we might not otherwise come across. We strongly encourage all singers to suggest repertoire for future seasons.

We mainly sing pop, rock, easy listening and musical theatre songs. We've also sung swing, world music, and light classical. No genre is off-limits - we're keen to sing good music from any genre, and because most of our songs are chosen from suggestions made by our singers, this means that everyone has a voice in what we sing. If you're a member of the choir and there's something you really want to sing, suggest it! We particularly welcome suggestions of music from under-represented voices.

Each season features a new collection of songs, so everyone starts from the same place at the beginning of each season. We do occasionally include a small number of songs that we have sung before (especially if they have been real favourites!) - we do make sure that new singers have an equal chance to learn these songs, alongside the material that is new to everyone. 

The vast majority of our music is arranged especially for the choir by our musical director, Tim. His arrangements are widely performed across the UK and USA, and he has a reputation for creating exciting, singable, audience-pleasing music. Our singers are very proud of the music we sing!

For information on the songs in our programmes, see this page - it lists all the songs we've sung in every season (including the songs in our next season if they are ready to be announced).