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We run three musical seasons every year, with a fresh programme of songs each season.

  • Spring: Sessions January to March/early April, performances in April

  • Summer: Sessions late April/early May to early July, performances in July

  • Autumn: Sessions September to November, performances in late November/throughout December


We don't normally take a break in the middle of seasons. There's usually a couple of weeks without sessions between the Spring and Summer seasons (around Easter), and a longer break between Summer and Autumn. Although there are usually several weeks without sessions between the Autumn and Spring seasons, these are normally pretty busy with concerts - choirs are in demand around Christmas-time!

Dates (confirmed and planned)

The dates below include things we have definitely confirmed, and things we are planning but awaiting confirmation. This is usually when we have requested dates from a venue or partner organisation, but haven't had a definite booking confirmed yet. We include them to help with your forward planning. You can filter the list to show just things that are confirmed. (We've also included details of whether events on particular dates are included in your membership fee - if not, there is an additional cost).

End date
Included in membership
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