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We offer a variety of additional opportunities to choir members. All of these are optional, and some have additional costs associated with them.

Solo Development Sessions

For singers that want to develop their skills as a solo performer, we offer monthly solo development sessions. You can bring along a song, sing it, get expert guidance on what you can do to take your performance to the next level, and try putting those tips into practice. It's a mini-masterclass, as you work on your song in front of the other participants - everyone learns from each other. Singers can use this to try out something new, to take the first steps in building their confidence to sing solo, or to hone a performance ready for concerts. Duets, trios and other small ensembles are welcome too.

We usually run two Solo Development Sessions in each season. They cost £15 per person.

Soloist singing passionately into a microphone

Soloist auditions

If singers want to sing a solo (or duet, trio etc) in any of our concerts, they will need to audition. Auditions are held once per season, and take place in front of a small panel of singers from within the choir. Decisions are made purely by our choir leader, Tim, but the panel is there to provide alternative viewpoints, and to ensure there's no perception of bias in Tim's decision-making. All auditions are filmed, and singers get access to the video of their audition afterwards, alongside constructive feedback. 

Auditions are free to take part in, both as singers and as panel members.

Conducting training

As part of our commitment to encouraging choir members to develop, we offer three conducting training sessions every season, for singers who want to try something a bit different! Our aim is to have one song every season conducted by a singer from within the choir. We offer support and training to help singers develop the skills necessary to lead that song, including the chance to conduct the choir in weekly sessions. Towards the end of the season, we decide whether each participant is confident and skilled enough to be able to lead the choir in concerts, and we try to ensure that we have a singer-conductor for each concert we do, where possible.

Our conducting training sessions are currently free.

One-off workshops

From time to time, we offer workshops on a variety of topics. These can include singing techniques, such as using the breath effectively or extending the range, or other aspects of music-making, from reading music to forming small ensembles. 

These workshops will have an additional cost associated with them, which will vary depending on the timing and content. Full information is available for choir members whenever workshops are offered.

Special events

Occasionally, we organise unique events, such as travelling to London to perform a series of flash mobs, running a singing residential week in a country manor house, or even a "mystery tour" - where singers board a coach not knowing where we're taking them or what we'll do when we get there! These events are often milestones in the life of the choir, with people still talking about them years later. They will usually have an additional cost, which is advertised when the events are announced. They are always optional!

A large choir singing in the main nave of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
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