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Five senses. Four elements. One unique event.


Elemental was a concert like no other. Themed around the four elements, we engaged all five senses in an immersive experience that the singers and audience alike will never forget.

Hearing: Nearly 250 singers took part in the performance, accompanied by specially-created music tracks. The songs were all connected to the Elemental theme by their titles - "Relight my FIRE", "Bridge over troubled WATER" etc. The programme was full of popular songs by major artists such as Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson - all arranged especially for the choir.

Sight: Custom lighting effects lit the choir and the auditorium, creating a unique atmosphere. Video screens throughout the auditorium brought the audience closer to the action, as well as displaying music videos to accompany some of the songs.

Smell: Using technology developed for major theme parks, we piped special aromas into the auditorium, such as the unmistakable tang of the sea to evoke the feeling of "Water", and the smell of a pine forest for "Earth".

Touch: To truly bring some of the elemental aspects to life, the audience felt them - heat during the Fire section, gusts of wind during the Air section etc.

Taste: Bespoke chocolate truffles captured each of the elemental flavours, with the video screens indicating the right moment to eat each chocolate so it enhanced the experience.


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