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Musical Mystery Tour

What happens if you ask a group of singers to trust you - to really trust you? A unique, unforgettable experience!

Over a hundred singers from across the choir signed up to our Musical Mystery Tour - but they had no idea what they were signing up for! All we told them beforehand was where they would be picked up from and when, what time they'd be dropped back off again, and that they would have dinner provided for them.

The coaches arrived in the early morning and collected the singers from their home towns, before taking them across to Birkenhead on The Wirral, where everyone boarded a ferry to cross the Mersey. Upon arrival at the Liverpool ferry terminal, they were met by our choir leader Tim, who led the choir in a rendition of "Ferry cross the Mersey", before everyone headed into Liverpool for a spot of lunch.

As everyone gathered in preparation for the coach to take them on to the next destination, music started playing - and then another choir started a flash mob, singing songs made famous by Liverpool-based artists. It took all the BeVox singers by surprise - what were the odds of us being in the audience for another choir's flash mob?! As the Liverpool medley reached its final number, and it was BeVox's own arrangement of The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour", the penny dropped - this special performance by local Liverpool singers had been arranged by us, and all the BeVox singers were able to join in the end of the flash mob.

The coaches took us on to our next destination - the magnificent Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. As everyone disembarked, we told them that they would be performing their own concert in the main Nave of the cathedral half an hour later!

The concert was a triumph, and it was lovely that we were joined by some of the Liverpool singers who had flash-mobbed us earlier. The sound of the massed voices singing "Barcelona" in that glorious space was something else! This part of the event was a fund-raiser for two local charities too, so we were able to do some good alongside giving everyone a good time.

After the concert, everyone was ushered down into the cathedral's Crypt, which had been set up for a special banquet. All the table settings were themed around the songs we'd sung in our concert, and the dishes themselves were based on different UK cities, in keeping with our "Mystery Tour" theme. When the coaches finally took everyone home, memories had been made that will last a lifetime.


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