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A Circle of Life (DVD)

This DVD contains the full concert film of one of BeVox's most ambitious and memorable events. "A Circle of Life" tells the story of a life, from birth to death, using songs connected with different stages of life, and stories and images from the lives of the choir members. It is deeply personal, hugely exhilarating, and incredibly emotional. The audience are guided into our performance space by a young boy and an old man, representing the two ends of our story, and they are poignantly reunited at the end. As an added "extra", the DVD also includes the very special extra song that was included in the evening performance, as BeVox's musical director Tim proposed to his co-director, Toni. 


The full track listing is below:

  • Away in a manger
  • When I grow up
  • You've got a friend in me
  • School's out / Another brick in the wall
  • Saturday night's alright (for fighting)
  • Don't stop me now
  • She's leaving home
  • If
  • Nine to five
  • I'll be there for you (theme from "Friends")
  • She's the one
  • Wonderful tonight
  • Circle of life (duet)
  • Love on the rocks
  • Don't you remember
  • I will survive
  • Money, money, money
  • Do you know where you're going to?
  • Dancing in the sky
  • When I fall in love
  • In my life
  • When a child is born
  • In my daughter's eyes
  • Circle of life (ensemble)
  • Cabaret
  • It was a very good year
  • Abide with me / Swing low
  • Circle of life (choir)
  • Extra: The book of love


Also included on the DVD is a slideshow of over 800 pictures of choir members, from baby photos right through to the most recently available pictures at the time. These were displayed in the foyer during the concert itself, and several of them were projected onto the screen as part of the event.


A Circle of Life (DVD)

  • Unfortuntely, we are not able to accept returns for any reason. 

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