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BeVox: Elemental (DVD)

This 2-disc DVD captures the entirety of our ground-breaking "Elemental" concert, filmed at the Lincolnshire Showground in April 2019. The concert featured nearly 250 singers, performing to a sold-out 800 capacity crowd. All the music included in the concert connects to one of the four elements - Fire, then Water, then Air, and finally Earth. Video projections bring the action to life, alongside the sound of the full force of BeVox - there's nothing quite like it!

Two discs are included in this product - the first contains the whole concert, whilst the second includes a 40-minute "Making of Elemental" documentary, allowing you a peek into how the concert was created. Alongside this documentary are slideshows from the dress rehearsal (and from the day we spent filming our children's choir), and music videos for some of the songs.


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BeVox: Elemental (DVD)

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