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Number Ones (digital download)

Ever since November 1952, when the first UK music charts were compiled, there has been a certain prestige about songs that have reached Number One. We've brought together 11 of them, from every decade since then, to form our collections of Number Ones. It ranges from the overblown pomp of Europe's "The Final Countdown" to the stripped-back simplicity of Gary Jules's cover of "Mad world" (originally by Tears for Fears). Our earliest hits are "Rock around the clock" and "Unchained melody", both from 1955, and our latest is Lewis Capaldi's emotional "Someone you loved". Some of the biggest names in pop and rock are represented too, such as Madonna, ABBA, Queen and The Beatles. It truly is a collection of great songs.

What makes this album even more special for us is that is was recorded without the choir ever being in the same room together. In the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, singers across the UK (and even into continental Europe) recorded themselves singing in their own homes, then sent those recordings in to be mixed together. We'd rehearsed together on Zoom, but without the ability to hear each other - a somewhat crazy way of working, but the best we could find in these challenging times. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this would lead to a recording that was patchy at best, but nothing could be further from the truth - the end result is polished, beautiful, and all the more special for having been put together under such difficult circumstances. Every singer on the album can be justifiably proud of what they've achieved.

For us, producing this album has been a labour of love. Receiving, processing and mixing over 3,000 individual recordings has taken countless hundreds of hours, but the end result is not just worth it - it's beyond that. We couldn't be more proud of what our singers have done, and we're thrilled to share it with you.


Track listing

  1. Bohemian rhapsody
  2. Dancing queen
  3. Like a prayer
  4. Mad world
  5. Rock around the clock
  6. Without you
  7. Unchained melody
  8. The final countdown
  9. (Everything I do) I do it for you
  10. Someone you loved
  11. Hey Jude

Number Ones (digital download)

  • The album is provided as a .zip file, which contains each album track as a separate MP3. You will need to unzip the .zip file to access the MP3s. All modern computers and laptops have this facility built-in - if you need help, search for "unzip file". It may be more difficult to unzip the files on tablets or phones (although it is generally possible) - if you buy the album on a tablet or phone and can't access the files after your purchase, please email us ( and we will email the MP3s directly to you.

  • Please respect the work that has gone into producing this album, and the laws governing its copyright, by not sharing your downloaded files with anyone else. Thanks.

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