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The First Five Years (CD)

Recorded during an emotional weekend at The Spa Complex in Scarborough, "The First Five Years" is a celebration of the opening half-decade of the choir's life.


We run three seasons a year, with different music each season, so by the time we were on the final season of our fifth year, we had fourteen previous seasons of music to call upon. The CD includes a favourite song from each of those seasons, plus our "signature song", the first song we ever sang together - "Lean on me". All the other songs were recorded in the magnificent Ocean Room in Scarborough, but "Lean on me" was recorded live, during three concerts in each of the three cities we operated in at the time. These live recordings were mixed together, to enable those who couldn't join us in Scarborough to still contribute their voices to the CD. 


The full track listing is below:

  1. The rose
  2. Motown medley (includes "Ain't no mountain high enough", "Stop in the name of love", "I heard it through the grapevine", "Dancing in the street", "Reach out (I'll be there)", and a reprise of "Ain't no mountain high enough")
  3. Is this the world we created...?
  4. Phantom of the Opera medley (includes "Music of the night", "All I ask of you", "Prima donna" and "The Phantom of the Opera")
  5. Fix you
  6. Total praise
  7. One day like this
  8. The circle of life
  9. World in union
  10. When I grow up
  11. Heaven help us all
  12. You raise me up
  13. Frozen heart/Let it go (from "Frozen")
  14. Let me go
  15. Lean on me (live)

The First Five Years (CD)

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns for any reason. 

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