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Together We Are One (CD)

During the Covid pandemic, BeVox hasn't been able to meet in the same room to sing. Instead, we moved online, and found new and creative ways to bring our community together, both to support each other, and to sing together.


This album has been created by over a hundred people, each of whom have recorded their voice whilst sat or stood in their own homes, without being able to hear the rest of the choir. None of them joined a choir because they wanted to sing on their own. None of them imagined, when they first started singing with us, that they'd become their own recording engineers, or that they'd be performing in their front rooms with headphones on whilst watching a video of a conductor. What they have achieved and overcome has been remarkable.


More than that, the support they've given to each other, and to us as the directors of the choir, has been an absolute lifeline. This is what being a community choir is really about - not just singing together, but supporting each other throughout everything. We chose songs for this album that reflected our belief in our community, and that community has brought the meaning of those songs to life. 


This album is something we're deeply proud of. It's not musically flawless - it could never have been, considering the unbelievable circumstances under which it was recorded. We believe it is even more beautiful because of those slight flaws though - they are a reminder that this is a collection of songs recorded in people's living rooms, not a recording studio. It is a testament to the dedication, passion, ingenuity and sheer will of everyone who has contributed. It is a record of what we can do when faced with real adversity. It is our community expressed in song. Together, we are one.


Track listing

  1. Keeping the dream alive
  2. I'll be there
  3. Any time you need a friend
  4. Count on me
  5. You'll never walk alone
  6. Stand by me
  7. Love can build a bridge
  8. I'll stand by you
  9. Thank you for the music
  10. Lean on me (*bonus track from our Virtual Choir project - see here for the video)
  11. Together we are one

Together We Are One (CD)

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